Oven Ready Chicken

Available late Summer to Spring


Our Light Sussex chicken is a British Heritage Breed and is slow growing. They are what “real” chickens were like 50 years ago, before factories started modifying them. 

We produce about 50 chickens per week and our aim is to produce the best chicken available not the cheapest. 

Field Reared - (not fake “free range”) These birds live in a large open grassland field. They have houses to go in if they want, but we don’t make them. This enormous level of freedom means a healthy happy chicken. 

Slow Growing - our chickens are 120-150 days old (not 36-40 days like supermarket chickens) which means you get a properly developed bird with good bone structure and flavoursome meat. 

Top Quality Feed - our chickens are fed on top quality feed from the local feed mill and they forage the field for all that is available there. It is more expensive to produce chickens this way but it means the meat you will eat has been grown from good quality nutrients. 

Processed on site - this eliminates travel and therefore minimises stress on the birds and also reduces our carbon footprint.  By processing the chickens ourselves we can ensure that we maintain the highest possible standards of care and quality.

Dry Plucked (not scalded or bleached) we individually dry-pluck our chickens. It takes longer but it means you get a better bird which has not been through a polluting industrial process. The skin will crisp up better, it will taste better and it will be better for you. 

Game Hung - we game hang our chickens for a few days. This improves the flavour and texture of the meat.

Safeguarding our Planet
By choosing a Longland Farm chicken you are choosing a chicken that has been produced with minimal environmental impact and waste. 
There is no plastic in their packaging.


The Guild of Fine Food
Great Taste Award 2021
Field Reared Heritage Breed Whole Chicken

“A golden skinned bird with a most appealing conformation, strong legged and relatively small breasted. The white meat was firm but juicy, sweet and flavourful, the brown meat firmer but still amply flavoured.
We were pleased to find that breed and husbandry were reflected in pleasing flavour and texture.”

GT 21 1-star_1632214337.jpg

Order Your Chicken

Contact us to order your whole field reared chicken direct from the farm.

Also available from:

The Black Pig Butcher, Deal

The Goods Shed Butcher, Canterbury

Chickens are available from late Summer until Spring

Also available for Christmas.


Whole Field Reared Heritage Breed Chicken

A whole field reared Chicken including giblets.
Weights range from 1.5kg-3kg Please state your preference when ordering